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Meet Elite Dealer's Co-Founder / CFO-CMO
Dustin Hamby
Dustin Hamby
Scottsdale, AZ
Co-Founder / CFO-CMO

One of Arizona’s Top 35 Entrepreneurs, Under 35, Mr. Dustin Hamby has a proven track record of successful start-up Companies for over 13 years. Mr. Hamby has been working in the automotive industry for over eight years, with the focus of those efforts on the sales and marketing in the wholesale accessories sector. The drive for excellence is the number one force that directs the decisions, and methodologies that are used in creating a success foundation for business. Mr. Hamby has owned and operated businesses in multiple industries including advertising, promotional materials, print, and video production. The drive for constant and never ending improvement took Mr. Hamby’s last company from a start-up to over $6m in annual sales in less than 3 years.